Director and Founder

Xosé Lois Foxo, with Juan Carlos I, King of Spain.

  • Born in Romeor do Caurel (Lugo, Galicia) 12th of October 1950. In the Lugo seminary he graduated in religous science, where he recieved his first musical education, at the hand of the celebrated maestro Castiñeira, member of the ochestra of Cantorum, as clarinetist and bagpipe soloist.

  • Later he went to Barcelona to continue his studies, where he graduated in the faculty of translation and interpretation in the University of Barcelona, in German and English.

  • In Barcelona Xose Lois Foxo founded the "Toxos e Xestas" school, where hundreds of children of Galicians, over ten years, stayed in the "Count City".

  • As a complement to his educative work, promoting the Galician pipes, he wrote, during his military service "secrets of the bagpipes", now in its 6th edition, an essential publication for any student of the Galician bagpipes.

  • Xose Lois Foxo promoted the pipes wherever he went, founding the "Toxos e Xestas" group in Lugo (1969), in 1979 he founded in Sabiñanigo (Huesca), a military pipe band, who made interesting interpretations and compositions of millitary marches.

  • Throughout his artistic life he produced a wide body of work as a composer. From these works we can highlight such important works as "Gallaecia", composed as the theme of the presidential inauguration of Manuel Fraga (president of Galicia), which was premiered by 1500 pipe players in the "Praza do Obradoiro" in Santiago de Compostela. Other works dedicated to celebrated personalities, include the "Muiñeira" to the princess Elena, the "Muiñeira" of the "Wojtyla", etc.,he has been decorated repeatedly by diverse orders, with maximum garlands such as the "Serenisima Orde da Alquitara" of Portomarin, "Enxebre Orde da Vieira", "cabaleiro da orde do viño Albariño", "Distinción Grande do Courel", lucense of the year 2006, Silver Medal to the Xunta de Galicia, Medal of Vatican City, distinction of the Galician entities in Catalunya, Gold insignia of the Federación Limiar 2015, Galician of the year 2014, Keeper of the “Cocido galego” of the Centro Galicia en Ponferrada 2015, I.G.F.Gold Star. Kosobo 2017,  “Amigos da Cultura Celta” Distinction 2017.

  • Now Xose Lois Foxo is director of the "Escola Provincial de gaitas" and of the "Real Banda da Deputacion de Ourense". He was given the title of "REAL", by the kings of Spain Don Juan Carlos de Borbon and Doña Sofia, for his work promoting Galicia and Spain to the world. Xose Lois Foxo, is also director of the annual publication "Anuario da Gaita", that is currently in its 31th number, which is the same number of years that Xose Lois Foxo has been working in the "Cidade das Burgas" (Ourense).

  • "Iconografia da gaita no noroeste peninsular" is the title of the great investigative work that Xose Lois will soon publish. In its entirety the great work of Xose Lois Foxo is the expansion, education, and promotion of the Galician Bagpipes, and above all, the existence of eleven thousand students in the "Escola Provincial de Gaitas da Deputacion Ourensana" a fact that garaunties the continuing survival of the Galician bagpipes, such an important part of the Galician culture.

    Between his publications we can stand out the following:

      • Os Segredos da Gaita (in a 7ª edition was translated to Castilian, English, German, French and Japanese).
      • Anuario da Gaita 31 volumes.
      • Músicas do Caurel 3 volumes.
      • Os Louceiriños.
      • Cantares da Tía Antonia de Atás.
      •  Cantares da Terra das Frieiras.
      •  Museo Internacional de Cornamusas.
      •  Cantares da Cega do Covelo.
      •  Gran Rapsodia de Aires Populares de Galicia “Felipe de Borbón”.
      •  Cancioneiro das Terras do Riós.
      •  Die Sachpfeife-La Gaita. Fritz Schneider. Translated of the German.
      •  Os últimos brindeiros de Forgas.
      • The Celtic Legacy of the gaita in galician music.
      • Manuela Cortizo Medal, Cantareira de Barro de Arén.
      • Cancioneiro Oencia e Contorna
      • Cancioneiro Antropolóxico Quiroga, Ribas do Sil e Montañas do Lor
      • Escola e Real Banda de Gaitas 1985-2016