Basic Lessons of Pipe
All the Agenda That Appears in This Page Was Taken Out of Xosé Lois Foxo's Book Entitled " Os Segredos Da Gaita " , who is the director of de Pipe's School of the Excma. Diputation of Ourense.


Adornment of the "Froleos"
Adornments are those notes, that although not essential to the melody, contribute to its beauty. These ornamemts are represented in sheet music in the same way as gracenotes.

That is to say in the form of small notes, normally "fusas", always with the "plicas" facing down. The ornaments are of essential importance in the melodic line of the pipe pieces. Nobody can dispute their absolute importance, because they give life to the principal notes, giving them expression and emphasis. Logically, they should be used in the appropriate passages, not forgetting that one of the great virtues, of the renown pipers is precisely the scarcity of their use. The adornment notes don't have assigned value within the rhythm, taking their value fron the anterior or posterior note.

We call a rest, a small note that comes before the principle note, and occupies the superior or inferior grade, recieving the demonination, according to its situation. The sustained C on the tonic of the "punteiro" has a special use, that the pipers unconciously use, it is executed with a very quick movement of the upper or lower finger to the principal note, on occasions playing the role of gracenote or beat.

Doublings, (the name given to the scottish pipes), Constitutes one of the most characteristic ornaments of the Galician pipes. It consists in doubling the principal note, with a rapid movement of the upper finger, achieving the two desired notes.

Doubling Exercise

Gracenote - Simple Doubling

It is done in the same way as the above doubling, but always being preceded, by a gracenote with the indicated finger. Here you can achieve the separation of equal notes. Logically speed is the best way to get a clean sound. This ornamemt has deep roots in the traditional Galician interpretation.

Exercise with Gracenote Simple Doubling

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